eat! fraser valley: oh i was in my glory.

After a glorious day picking up cheap wine and food at Trader Joe's in Bellingham, Josh and I headed back across the border to experience copious amounts of food. Eat! Fraser Valley was in Abbotsford and overloaded my senses. A large culinary trade show put on by the Food Network, I was flying as high as a kite on the smells of mini burgers, crepes, balsamic vinegar, and a myriad of other smells and sights that greeted me in the Tradex arena. Here are a few glimpses into my ecstatic night.


Joshua Duvauchelle said...

Wine tasting. Delicious. It was indeed a fantastical and spontaneous afternoon/evening.

Anonymous said...

I went to Eat! Vancouver last year, and while I enjoyed it, it was simply too busy, which I felt took away from it.

How was Eat! Fraser Valley in terms of attendance? Were you able to actually talk to the vendors and such?

Samantha said...

It was actually pretty good. I chatted with a couple of vendors, and one actually told me that while attendance for the event is lower when they host it in Abbotsford, the buying rate per person goes up exponentially so that it is actually better for them to have it out in the 'boonies'. I didn't find it all that busy to be quite honest, but then again, we arrived at 5:30 and after 7 the numbers started dwindling. Its a great event though and I would suggest going again - you'll probably find a huge difference with Eat! Vancouver and Eat! Fraser Valley. Cheers!