deer chops with savory apple compote: i'm so sorry bambi.

It was blustery yesterday, with a pervading smell of autumn. You know the scent, one of damp leaves mixed with a sharpness in the air that contrasts from the mellowness of summer; the one that makes you think of jumping in piles of leaves (or raking them), tingling cheeks from cold air mixed with sunshine, and the beginning of hot chocolate and marshmallow season. The wind made miniature tornadoes on Granville street, picking up leaves and twirling them in a seemingly unending circular dance. Even cement cities cannot completely eradicate the liveliness and organic ways of nature.
So, in that mindset, I traveled home to my city apartment, to eat a natural protein that has been hunted for eons -- even mass produced meats cannot completely eradicate the instinct to hunt.
Blair -- though you would not think it from his bright blue tie, beguiling smile, and blackberry holster -- is in fact the definition of 'cold-eyed killer'. You never know who lives among you. Truly.

He kindly (can I even associate that word with his name now?!) provided us with fresh white tailed deer meat. Lower in fat than any other red meat, with a lack of all things pumped into animals who's flesh is mass produced, high in zinc, protein, iron, and selenium. It is essentially the perfect meat. Unfortunately, if you've seen Bambi, you've probably never ingested it. A little gamey, marinading the meat in a sauce that has vinegar in it for at least 24 hours before cooking is a good idea. As we didn't have the chance to do that, I did the next best thing -- simmer the chops in a thick fruity/vinegary sauce.
Honestly, after tasting deer meat with the compote, and learning about its beneficial properties (as well as its lack of preservatives and hormones), I think I might have to become a 'Krazee-Eyez Killa' (my Curb Your Enthusiasm equivalent of 'cold-eyed killer') as well.
Deer Chops with Savory Apple Compote

2 onions, finely chopped
1 head garlic, finely chopped
6 sweet apples (I like Gala)
1 cup beef or chicken broth
1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar (if you don't have this, use apple cider vinegar)
Pinch cloves
1/4 cup red currents or rasins
2 tsp. dried tarragon
3 tbs. olive oil
8 fresh deer chops (white-tail is better because it is less gamey)

1. Place all the ingredients in a deep large skillet. Set the skilled on the stove and heat the mix on medium-high heat until it is simmering. Cover and let simmer for five minutes.

2. Remove half of the mixture from the pot. Place the deer chops on top of the remaining half, then spoon the removed mix over top of them. Cover and continue to simmer for five minutes.

3. Lift the lid, and flip the chops. Leave the lid off to burn off excess liquid. Simmer for another five minutes.

4. Take out the chops and place them in a non-reactive bowl and cover them with tinfoil. While letting them rest, simmer the remaining mix on the stove for another five minutes until it has thickened considerably.

5. Serve with a salad and each chop with the apple compote spooned on top.**

6. Pray. Eat. Enjoy. Watch Bambi, just for kicks.

** This recipe cooks the chops so they are on the well-done side. If you desire rarer chops, reduce the cooking time.


Josh Duvauchelle said...

This post gave me lots of lullz. Enjoyable dinner party, as per usual!

Samantha said...

c'mon josh. acronyms. really.

Blair said...

Cold-eyed killer? Nah, I'm just the guy who'll bring home the bacon/bambi all the time, everytime.