honey-glazed pork tenderloin: layers of flavor and layers of fabric.

It is rare that I make a meal solely for myself. But there is something calming about slowly mixing ingredients together, taking time to smell and taste, knowing that the only stomach I need to appease is my own.
Pork is a traditionally an autumnal meat and although it is not kosher for one culture, it is one of the most popular meats in the world.  A pork loin is one of the leanest cuts of meat as well, ranking equally with that other exulted white meat -- chicken.
Also, like chicken, it is a great meat to cook with because of its malleability in terms of flavors. Sweet, salty, savory, or sour, all tastes seem to meld well in this tender meat. However, I decided on the first last night, thinking I wanted to see the shine of a glaze and aroma of sweetness. My godmother gave me this lovely jar of honey - the real 'mccoy' straight from her one 'worker bee' (she is part of a honey collective here in the city, promoting sustainable urban agriculture). It sat on my counter and begged to be used (I usually just take a spoonful every time I enter the kitchen - but I thought a recipe would do it more justice so it could show off its wonderful strength in an interplay of flavors).
And just as I had inspiration to cook, I also had inspiration to sew. Before the end of May, I had bought material and cut it into strips for a quilt. Unfortunately, it was left to the wayside as other things infiltrated my life. So I sat down last night, put on this Snow Patrol song, thought about all my blessings, and sewed. 
It will grow to encompass the entirety of my bed, but for now, this is what it looks like - lovely. Like cooking, there is something calming about sewing - it can be instinctual and yet clinical. Both are good for the soul.
Honey-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

1/4 c. natural honey
4 garlic cloves, minced
1/8 c. balsamic vinegar
2 tbs. olive oil
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 tsp.tarragon leaves, dried

1 pork tenderloin
2 tbs. olive oil

1 large onion, sliced

1. Blend the ingredients for the glaze together, except for the tarragon leaves. Add them after everything else has been blended smoothly. Pour over the pork and marinade for at least two hours, optimally overnight.

2. Heat 2 tbs. olive oil in a skillet on medium-high. Place onions in the skillet and slightly brown for one minute. Move them aside in the middle and place the pork tenderloin in the pan. Pour any excess sauce over it and the onions.

3. Place a lid over the pork and let it cook five minutes. Stir the onions and flip the pork. Cover and cook for another five. Cook until pork is cooked through, but is still a little pink in the middle.

4. Pray. Eat. Enjoy. Listen to this Snow Patrol song and do something that brings a lightness to your soul.