and let the blessed bells ring out, filling our hearts with joy.

I was blessed and honoured to be the 'official' photographer (and the only girl in pants) at my friends' wedding this past weekend. Josh and Anne, as a couple, have been an integral part of so many of our lives for the past seven years. I (and probably a good dozen others) have a claim on bringing them together in high school - Josh, in our art class, would talk about that beautiful and perfect girl walking the halls, while Anne, in our swimming class, would talk about Josh and how kind he was - I would give nudges to both.

Here is a sprinkling of photos from the day. It was a beautiful wedding. Though in the morning we thought it was going to rain so I hastily phoned the Patricia Theatre, asking them if we could use their interior for the photo shoot (it is the oldest running movie theatre in Canada - just glorious). They consented and then the sun came out (prayer does work!)! These were hastily post-processed, and will continue to be corrected, but I know there are many out there (all of those who attended) who would like to see the photos. So here you go.

Josh and Anne have this love that is tangible. They are choosing to spend their lives together, intertwining them, deciding to work on and cement the love between them with a vow before their friends, family, and God. It is just a beautiful, even ethereal spiritual union. To a long life, one filled with the laughter of children and looks of adoration; although you may face trials and tribulation, you will face them together, as a team. Congrats my friends.