lime maple poached salmon: a fish feast.

I realized last night that I hadn't shared the coup d'etat of this past weekend's recipes - lime maple poached salmon.
(P.S. This was the kitchen I cooked all this food in. Isn't it glorious? Revel in its beauty and counter space. I will dream of it at night after cooking in my small hole of a cookery area.)
Salmon and maple seem to go together like bread and butter, like apples and oranges, like quarters and jelly beans. However, I've never done a poaching dish with maple before, I've always barbecued for the smokey taste and toned texture on the outside of the flesh. Poaching with the syrup resulted in a flavorful, sweet (for those who don't like sweet dishes, beware!) and incredibly moist mouthfuls of my favorite fish.
The table was set to feed more than just us three petite ladies, but leftovers are never looked down upon.

The sweetness of the salmon was offset perfectly by the tangy savory balsalmic-y potato salad.
The fact that mom had another birthday was offset by the actuality that she doesn't look a day over forty (she's gorgeous, absolutely beautiful).
The fact that she received this birthday card was offset by the reality that I don't even remember names, and I'm 22.

But the salmon, oh the salmon. Europeans supposedly became so tired of this vital (and abundant!!) fish when they first arrived in North American that servants created a clause in their contract that salmon could only be served once a week!  It has gone from the food of the poor to the food of the well off as the stocks have dwindled over the years. Yet it is rich with nutrients and healthy oils. If you were to look at a menu and chose a main dish, salmon (it fresh and cooked right) is the way to go. Besides, in this day and age, you feel quite the opposite of an indentured servant eating it.
Lime Maple Poached Salmon

1 side salmon (about 2lb)

1/4 c. maple syrup
1/8 c. grapeseed oil
4 cloves garlic
1 lime juiced
1 tbs. dried tarragon
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste

1 lime, sliced
1 white sweet onion, sliced

1. Preheat oven to 400 F. Mix marinade (the seven ingredients after the salmon).

2. Place salmon in a shallow dish with marinade, skin side up. Let sit 30 mins, no longer.

3. Remove and place in long strip of foil (enough to wrap the fish completely when done), skin down. Drizzle marinade on top. Arrange sliced lime and onion on top. Seal the fish in the foil.

4. Place in oven. Cook for about 25 mins (I personally like to undercook mine) - until the middle flakes with a fork.

5. Pray. Eat. Enjoy.

*Warning: this dish is sweet. The salmon almost turns into salmon candy. It is good served on a bed of greens, or with savory sides.


marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am so glad I stopped by yours. Salmon is my all time favorite. I could and would eat it everyday. Your recipe sounds amazing. So glad to see you left the best part on (the skin!) So many folks dislike that part & I always take theirs! Happy b'day to your super cute mom :)

Angie's Recipes said...

dore salmon too! I must try your recipe next time as it sounds just terrific with maple and lime!
I like your kitchen and the dining area, beautiful and very pleasant! Happy Birthday to your mom!